DAN-BODIS partnership Hybrid Sales Landing Pages

Announced to coincide with the start of NamesCon Online, our ad partner DAN and Bodis have announced a partnership. I had early access to the new hybrid sales landing pages and I think it’s a good move for both companies.

From the release:

DAN and BODIS are partnering on a unique first ever hybrid monetization-sales landing page. This partnership will finally allow domain owners to maximize both their sales and ad revenues on their domain names. All of this will take place on a beautiful sale-monetization landing page hybrid that fully supports SSL!

While this service is still in testing with DAN, we are looking to fully roll out this service in the coming days/weeks in various stages.

At first the service will be available to DAN users, but will eventually extend to both DAN and BODIS users regardless of which platform the user wants to set his/her DNS records to.

Want to see an example of such landing page? Head on over to kfx.com and take a look! Examples provided below:

DAN BODIS landing page

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