Europeans, Get Your .EU Domains All In Greek!

Domain names entirely in Greek script are
now available from the .eu registry, EURid, with the launch this week of .ευ.

.ευ is the third top-level domain launched
by EURid with the original .eu and then the Cyrillic version of .eu, .ею,
in June 2016. Now there’s a Greek version too. And following changes to
eligibility last month, citizens of a European Union country anywhere in the world
can not only register .eu domain names but also .ευ.

“The .eu in Greek will enable end-users to enjoy the full
Internationalised Domain Names experience in Greek, as Greek domain names will
be registered under the Greek extension,” said Giovanni Seppia, EURid External
Relations Manager.

“We worked hard to have the .eu in Greek delegated with
ICANN/IANA and we are grateful to our industry peers who supported us
throughout a process that has lasted a decade. We are delighted to add the Greek
extension to the list of features for our registrars and registrants.”

All domain names registered under .ευ must be
in Greek script and EURid will fully enforce the basic rule that the
second-level script must match the top-level script. This means that any
current domain names registered in Greek under .eu (Latin string) will undergo
a three-year ‘script adjustment’ phase. All policies, procedures and features
currently available for .eu (such as transfers, bulk transfers, multiyear,
DNSSEC, registry lock, etc.) will also apply to .ευ.

For more information, EURid has a dedicated .ευ page at:

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