John Berryhill posts a warning about dealing with GoDaddy brokers

John Berryhill does not start many threads at Namepros. He is a valuable contributor and answers a lot of questions in existing threads. So when he started one I wanted to read what he had to say. The post was published in Warnings and Alerts. The title was eye catching, “Why You Can’t Trust GoDaddy Brokers”

John goes on to explain some of the problems he sees when dealing with brokers who do not provide all vital information to the domain owner.

From the thread:

It is important to understand that GoDaddy brokers are not working for you.

I’m currently defending a UDRP which, although it will be an easy win for the domain registrant, would have been completely unnecessary if GoDaddy was honest with its own customer.

GoDaddy will withhold information from you, and will not tell you if the other side in a negotiation is making legal threats, so that you can make a rational and informed decision. Instead, they will drive you right over the cliff and even, as happened in the longer course of this negotiation, make up stuff, attribute it to you, and then it will turn up in a UDRP or other legal dispute filed against you.

GoDaddy will dig a hole and push you right in.

You can read the full thread at Namepros.

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