Log in to your old Google accounts if you want to keep them

If you have old Google accounts that you haven’t used lately they are in danger of being deleted. I know I have a bunch of Google accounts where I used Gmail but nothing else and then stopped using the Gmail. They may have some emails in there I want to keep for whatever reason. If you haven’t signed into an account for at least two years Google is going to delete starting in December of this year. So you have some time. One exception will be accounts that have YouTube videos.

9to5Google.com writes:

“If a Google Account has not been used or signed into for at least 2 years,” Google will delete that personal account and its contents. In addition to the email address becoming inaccessible, Gmail messages, Calendar events, Drive, Docs, and other Workspace files, as well as Google Photos backups, will be removed.

According to a company spokesperson, Google, at the moment, is not planning to delete accounts with YouTube videos. (That would be tricky as some old abandoned clips might have historical relevance.)

“At this time, we do not plan to delete accounts with YouTube videos.” Google spokesperson

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