NetActuate Announces Program to Support Emerging ccTLDs

Without vouching for or knowing who NetActuate is, they’ve
released a news release this week announcing that in order to help ccTLDs
(country code top-level domain providers) meet and overcome challenges with
security, resiliency, and network performance, they have established a new
grant program for emerging ccTLDs. The program will provide anycast and infrastructure
services to help new ccTLDs build their global presence.

“As an ICANN participant and long-time steward of many open
source projects (that include providing critical infrastructure services), we
understand the challenges an emerging ccTLD can face when managing a global
deployment,” said Mark Mahle, CEO and Principal Technology Architect of
NetActuate. “We’re pleased to offer this special program to support ccTLDs
starting up in emerging markets.”

In their announcement they note “emerging ccTLDs provide an
important service to residents of their country, state, or territory.
Purchasing a ccTLD is very often limited to those doing business within that
country, providing a wider range of domain options to local businesses serving
local markets. When a site uses a ccTLD, Google assumes that site (and all the
content on it) is specifically relevant to the geographic area targeted by the
ccTLD, helping local residents find better and more relevant content to them.”

“However, many emerging ccTLDs face significant financial
barriers to launching a resilient, secure, and high-performing global deployment
to support their DNS services. NetActuate’s grant program is designed to help
emerging ccTLDs better serve their communities by giving them the network and
infrastructure they need to build a self-sustaining, long-term service.”

To apply for this program, go to:

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