Show Me The Money: Combined $22M+ in Sales Hiding Behind .com Numeric Domains

I have to admit I know very little about numeric domain names. They never made much sense to me but I know they are very popular in the Chinese market and within the Chinese investment space. The closest I ever came was owning for a short period of time, which I was able to sell with minimal – minimal effort. What I originally thought was a very unusual domain was desired by many. If I remember correctly I sold it for a few thousand dollars nearly a decade ago. With that said, and by suggestion of a reader, let’s look at the top highest reported sales of all-numeric .com domain names to what the sites are doing at this time as far as development.

This time around we are looking at a combined $22,641,377.00 in domain sales. This is a record-breaking figure in all of the top 100 lists: Top 100 LLL .com Liquid Domains, Top 100 .net, and Top 100 .org, Top 100 .club domains.

Turns out just 16% of the domains have a landing page of some sort, otherwise they just fail to load, are parked or redirect. I would like to also mention that this time around, since many of the sites are in Chinese, what’s parked verses what is developed (as well as the exact industry) could have some sporadic errors here and there because I couldn’t read much and had to use translation tools as much as possible to figure things out as best as I could. Also worth noting I jumped around from two (2) letter domains to five (5) letter domains, so there are domains missing for an all inclusive top 100 of each number of characters.

DomainAmountYearIndustry/Use$2,100,000.002013DNS Failure$1,960,800.002014Developed: Gameplay$1,820,000.002017DNS Failure$1,000,000.002015REDIRECT$950,000.002014Developed: Education$821,819.002016PARKED$818,181.002016REDIRECT$801,000.002015DNS Failure$800,000.002015DNS Failure$688,888.002016DNS Failure$525,000.002011DNS Failure$480,000.002015Developed: Domains$358,000.002011DNS Failure$343,208.002008Developed: Gambling$312,732.002015PARKED$310,000.002012PARKED$302,790.002008Developed: Gameplay$292,214.002015Developed: Unclear$280,000.002011REDIRECT$252,500.002016PARKED$250,000.002009Developed: Telecom$245,000.002013DNS Failure$225,000.002015DNS Failure$205,001.002015DNS Failure$201,100.002016PARKED$188,889.002008DNS Failure$180,000.002015DNS Failure$178,889.002008DNS Failure$175,000.002008PARKED$169,000.002016DNS Failure$168,889.002008PARKED$158,720.002016REDIRECT$150,000.002015REDIRECT$148,000.002015PARKED$142,000.002015PARKED$140,000.002015PARKED$138,010.002016PARKED$124,568.002008PARKED$121,000.002016REDIRECT$120,848.002014Developed: Education$111,111.002008DNS Failure$111,111.002008PARKED$110,000.002015Developed: Entertainment$110,000.002010DNS Failure$107,000.002016Reported Attack Page!$106,000.002015DNS Failure$102,000.002015PARKED$100,000.002011PARKED$100,000.002011Developed: Entertainment$100,000.002013PARKED$100,000.002011DNS Failure$100,000.002010Developed: Media$92,000.002008REDIRECT$91,888.002011DNS Failure$91,500.002008DNS Failure$89,000.002009PARKED$87,000.002009PARKED$81,000.002009PARKED$80,000.002010PARKED$80,000.002007DNS Failure$75,000.002009PARKED$75,000.002008DNS Failure$75,000.002006PARKED$75,000.002015PARKED$74,480.002009REDIRECT$72,900.002009DNS Failure$70,000.002015PARKED$68,105.002014DNS Failure$68,000.002009DNS Failure$65,358.002016PARKED$65,100.002009REDIRECT$60,000.002015DNS Failure$58,889.002008DNS Failure$57,000.002014Developed: Entertainment$56,001.002013DNS Failure$55,556.002008REDIRECT$55,000.002015REDIRECT$51,931.002015DNS Failure$51,772.002016PARKED$51,111.002008DNS Failure$50,000.002015PARKED$50,000.002006DNS Failure$49,000.002009REDIRECT$47,500.002015PARKED$46,000.002016Developed: Gambling$45,700.002016PARKED$45,200.002015REDIRECT$45,000.002015PARKED$44,090.002015REDIRECT$43,700.002014DNS Failure$43,222.002009PARKED$43,000.002015PARKED$43,000.002017Developed: Portal$34,501.002016DNS Failure$30,000.002015PARKED$30,000.002006Developed: Domains$26,055.002015REDIRECT$25,050.002016Developed: Entertainment$22,500.002016DNS Failure

Additionally worth noting… I didn’t like numeric domains much before building this list, but if I had just began domaining as a hobby or as an investor, numeric domains look like a great place to get started. There seems to be big-big money in learning why some numeric strings are worth more than others and it is certainly never too late to learn.

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