About Us

Domain Brothers is a service started by two brothers who understood the importance of the domain industry quite early in the days. Kartik Mehta along with Jay Mehta has experience of over 15+ and 12+ years respectively in online marketing and domain industry. They have spearheaded several online developments for clients all around the world. They have helped a lot of clients to acquire the domains that they have always wanted at a very cost effective price. They have a proper team and process in place to get the domains that you would want which are right for your business.

Domain Brothers specialize in:

    • Buy Domains
      Domain Brothers has expertise not only in acquiring domains, but also development, marketing, strategy creation & consultation. Domain Brothers are quite different from any other domain brokerage on the basis where we not only sell domains but also help in creating a strategy which works in the benefit of your business. So when you come to Domain Brothers, we will look at your business, suggest you the domain names that are available with us or with any third parties. Once a domain is secured we also help you with design, development, marketing & maintenance.
    • Sell Domains
      If you are a domain owner, seller or if you are interested in selling your unused domains, you have come to the right place. Domain Brothers are well experienced in connecting businesses with domain owners to help get the sale that they always wanted. With us, you can always expect personalized approach to your needs. We believe in providing personalized service so you will be assigned an experienced domain portfolio manager for your domains and that single individual assigned to you will be meeting all your needs, expectations and provide you best service. Your point of contact will always be determined based on your comfort level.
    • Website Design & Development
      We offer a full range of website design & development services. We have a team of over 140 professionals certified in various online development systems. Our team can work on any project right from a static website to dynamic responsive or e-e-commerce website. We have worked with over hundreds of clients to deliver the web presence that they needed. We have worked on applications in PHP, Net, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify customization & more…
    • Marketing
      You got the best domain name and the best website in the world but what if people don’t know about it? Fortunately, we are here to help you spread the word and get your brand in the market. With over a decade worth of experience in online marketing & branding we take pride in helping our customers with SEO, Online Ads, Social Media Marketing & more…
    • Software Development
      Whether you need a simple software or a complex intranet developed, we do it all. Our range of experts can help design & develop software in Windows, Mac & even Linux environments. We combine our technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction to satisfy our client’s demands & needs.
    • Mobile App Development
      We have over 5 years of experience in Mobile App Design & Development. We have mastered iOS, Android phones, tablets & smartwatch development. We build apps with user experience in mind. Whether it be a simple phone app or a platform-wide app including phone, tablet, smart watch & TV we do it all.
    • Other Services
      We have a range of additional services including but not limited to Graphics & Branding, Web Hosting, Web Maintenance, SharePoint Development, CRM Development, Customized Marketing Solutions, Project Management, Hire a Programmer & more…

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