What are premium domains?

A premium domain name is a domain that is already owned and still available for sale. Cost for premium domain names are different from standard domain names, the costs can be significantly higher.

I have a good domain name already, why do I need another one?       

The answer is pretty simple, buying multiple domains means getting more exposure to your website for the least amount of money. Search engines & world wide web recognize your page as a single domain name only but having multiple domain names will help in getting more traffic as it will make it easier for users to remember names.

With multiple domain names do I need to have multiple sites?

Its a choice, either you can have separate sites on all your domains or redirect all your domains to one main domain. Both have it own advantages but to save time & resources its best to get a simple redirection setup.

How important is a good domain name?

Its very crucial to have a good domain name, as this is your web identity. There is extreme competition on the world wide web and getting a good domain name is a great start. Good domain names help in getting great internet rankings, better traffic, more user trust etc.

How does good domain name help with competition?

Not always will your target market remember the name of your company or the actual website. In such cases its good to have multiple domain names centered around your name and service provided registered so you can get traffic going to you and not your competition.

Do I need a new hosting account for the new domain?
Not at all, if you plan to redirect its simple, If you wish to create a new site just change the NS and point it to your server. We can help you with this.

But my domain name and business are trademarked.

This still doesn’t prevent people from misusing unregistered trademarks to their benefits. Always best to have a few domain names which can secure your business future.

Do I pay a big fee every year when I purchase a premium domain?

No the purchase price is high initially but after that regular renewal fees are applicable which can start around $9 for .com domains.

I have unused domains and would like to sell it? How can I list my domains with Domain Brothers.

If you have unused domains and want to sell them, you need to visit our SELL page and send us a request, we will get back to your shortly.

Do I need to create an account with Domain Brothers to buy & sell domains.

No, you don’t need to create an account, we have made it simple for you to get listed, call or email us and we will be happy to get you started.

How do I search for Premium Domain Names?

Our extensive domain search tool will allow you to search any premium domain name thats listed with us, if you find a domain thats not listed with us and want us to help and acquire it, we can work on that as well.

What sort of Payment methods do you accept?

We accept Escrow for payments, to make it secured for all parties involved.

How will I gain access to the premium domain I have purchased?

Once the domain purchase is approved, payment is held at Escrow, we release the domain to you and once you receive the domain you release the payment to us.

How are premium domains different from standard domains?

Premium domains are often great names which are not easily available. They are higher in price to purchase but their renewals are at standard domain pricing. Premium domains come in many flavors but most of them are short, memorable and have a great SEO value.

Do you provide any other services apart from domain brokerage?

Yes, we have a team of over 140+ professionals who are certified in various technological, marketing & maintenance programs, we have helped over 600 companies worldwide from last 15 years with:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Graphics & Branding & moreā€¦.

How do I get a quote from you on your ancillary services?

Just email us your request and we will give you a quote. We take pride in providing quotes within 24 hours.

How do I buy a domain from your company?

You will be notified by email that the domain is ready for transfer and we will send you the link where you can purchase the domain online with Escrow.com details.

How will I get full control and ownership of domain?

We can either push the account to your registrar or give you the EPP code, depending on whats comfortable for you.

Do I get any proof of domain ownership?

Once you own the domain, you can change the WHOis information to whatever you like. This will be your proof of domain ownership. This can be changed only after you get the domain in your control.

How do I know you will transfer the domain?

Thats why we use Escrow, your money will be safe with Escrow.com until the domain is transferred, if its not than you can get a refund. We take customer service very seriously so we wont let any issues occur.

Is this a one time payment?

Yes. Premium domain sale is just a one time cost, after which you renew your domain with your choice of registrar. We recommend www.hostitsmart.com for all standard domain registrations & renewals.

How long does the domain transfer take?

It depends from case to case but it can take as less than one day to as much as a week.