Refund Policy

Except as noted below, the purchase price actually paid to Domain Brothers for the purchase of a domain name owned by Domain Brothers will be non refundable after the completion of the purchase.

Domain Registration Refund Policy

Registration fees for Domain Names not purchased from Domain Brothers inventory are not subject to refund.

3rd Party Product Refund Policy

Domain Brothers does not provide refunds for any product or service purchased from third parties. Domain Brothers may from time to time advertise and promote various third party products and services, including but not limited to web hosting, merchant accounts, SSL certificates, and similar products. Refunds for these services are handled by the third party provider from whom they were purchased.

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Inventory Deficit Refund Policy

On rare occasions, Domain Brothers’s system may misidentify domains as being in inventory when they are not. Also, Domain Brothers may offer for sale domains which Domain Brothers is in an auction to acquire, in the expectation that Domain Brothers will successfully acquire them. In the rare case that a customer buys a domain that is later determined not to be in Domain Brothers’s inventory, Domain Brothers reserves the right to either refund the customer’s money or to acquire the domain on the customer’s behalf, at Domain Brothers’s sole discretion. In cases where Domain Brothers is unable to supply a domain that a customer has intended to purchase, the customer agrees that the customer’s sole and complete remedy shall be a refund of fees paid. The customer agrees that the customer shall not rely on the potential availability of any Offering, including, but not limited to, the purchase of a domain name, for any purpose, unless and until such name is actually registered to the customer.