FoI Request Forces auDA to Make Public Documents They Tried to Keep Secret

The .au policy and regulatory body, auDA, has been forced to make available 115 documents, previously published on their website but deleted under the new management. However going forward auDA has vowed to keep the documents secret, to continue to hide the goings on in the organisation. The documents were board minutes and other historical

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Top 10 Domains of July

Domain Name Discount Offer Final Price Buy Now 12% $7,480 Buy Now 10% $7,200 Buy Now 5% $1,235 Buy Now $13,000 SOLD 5% $1,900 Buy Now 5% $903 Buy Now 10% $5,400 Buy Now SOLD 5% $1,188 Buy Now 5% $1,663 Buy Now

ICANN and Verisign Renew .NET Agreement with 10% Increases Likely to See Registrar Fee of Over $15 by 2023 [updated]

Verisign has entered into a renewal of the .net Registry Agreement that runs for 6 years until 30 June 2023 with no changes to the material terms to the current .net Registry Agreement from 2011. There is an expectation the agreement will be renewed in 2023 “so long as certain requirements are met”. Important to

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