DomainTools Webinar: How DomainTools & MISP Enable an Effective Threat Intelligence Program

The Malware Information Sharing Platform, or MISP, is an open-source threat intelligence platform deployed across major organizations to consume, catalogue, and share IOCs (indicators of compromise). In this session, we’ll hear from Beth Young, a Network Security Engineer at Jack Henry & Associates, about their MISP deployment and how it fits in their broader security

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Crypto Keywords Dominated Verisign’s Trending Keywords One Month, Disappear the Next

New medical-related technologies appear to have had the biggest impact on Verisign’s top 10 trending keywords in English for their .com and .net top level domains in the month of January. The keywords, which can appear anywhere in the .com and .net domain names, appear to have some relation to medical technology with “cell”, “dispensary”,

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Brunei’s ccTLD Redelegated To Government Agency From Subsidiary BNNIC

According to a report in the Borneo Bulletin, the .bn ccTLD has been redelegated to the government’s communication agency, the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI), from the Brunei Darussalam Network Information Centre Sdn Bhd (BNNIC). But as BNNIC is a subsidiary of AITI, the redelegation will mean transferring the registry functions

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