$2.2 million dollar valuation of UsedCars.com domain

AutoBytel : $2.2 million dollar valuation of UsedCars.com domain


Autobytel, an automotive media and marketing services company located in Irvine, California, acquired the domain UsedCars.com in 2015, as part of a larger $25 million acquisition of Dealix / Autotegrity.

The domain’s valuation in this sale, was uncovered today: $2.2 million dollars.

Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, dug out the reference to the sale, found in the Autobytel SEC filing for 2016; in particular:

  • UsedCars.com domain for $2.2. million dollars

See pages F-10 and F-15 for confirmation of this valuation.

With the proliferation of self driving cars and assorted automotive technology, we would be seeing more big domain sales in the future.

Many thanks to George for this find.

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