673.com Changed Hands, Alibaba acquired LingShouJia.com for $24k


673.com just changed hands, according to the buyer, the price was over 2m CNY price (at least $288,971 USD).

Xytm.com was sold for ¥111666 CNY (approximately $16,134 USD).

Jiatao.com was sold for a six-figure CNY price, the buyer didn’t disclose the exact price.

Domain names of 80801.com and 80802.com were auctioned for ¥75,500 CNY (approximately $10,908 USD), average price was $5,454 USD per name.

E9.cn was auctioned for ¥44,000 CNY (approximately $6,357 USD).

00770.com was auctioned for ¥34,000 CNY (approximately $4,912 USD).

Ll888.com was auctioned for ¥30,000 CNY (approximately $4,334 USD).

Ngcw.com was sold for ¥9,592 CNY (approximately $1,385 USD).

Gsnw.com was sold for ¥9592 CNY (approximately $1,385 USD).

Pjyq.com was auctioned for ¥8,050 CNY (approximately $1,163 USD).

Lingshoujia.com was sold for ¥168,888 CNY (approximately $24,401 USD) in a BIN sale on Jan. 20, 2017. We didn’t understand why it could sell for such a high price at that time until the whois information changed to Alibaba Group. The domain name of Lingshoujia.com has been bulit a website owned by Alibaba. The meaning of “Lingshoujia” is Retail plus, Jack Ma promoted the concept of New Retail in 2016, their website domain name has been changed from Xinlingshou.cn ( means New Retail) to Lingshoujia.com.


According to Chaomi.cc’s data, on May, 9th, the total sales volume was 4930, and the total sales turnover was ¥2,370,934 CNY (approximately $342,566 USD).





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