Amazon Gets Christmas Present From ICANN Winning .AMAZON

After a battle for the control of the .amazon new gTLD that’s been going on for 7 years, ICANN announced Friday [pdf] in a letter to the Secretary General Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization Brasilia they were to sign an agreement with the ecommerce giant Amazon for delegation of .amazon.

It’s been a hotly contested battle with Amazon Corporation making a number of concessions to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) member states – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela – in an attempt to come to a solution that could benefit both parties. Although it seems it didn’t placate the ACTO states who felt strongly they had more rights to .amazon than the ecommerce giant.

In a letter dated 17 December, but published on the ICANN
website on the 20th, to Ambassador María Alexandra Moreira Lopez, Secretary
General ACTO Brasilia, ICANN’s President and CEO Göran Marby says ICANN “will
shortly sign the agreements related to the delegation of .amazon top level
domains as part of the next steps toward delegation of these top level domains.”

Marby notes that “Amazon Corporation has provided Public
Interest Commitments that will ensure that ACTO’s countries concerns are taken
into account in the context of the .amazon delegations and ICANN’s compliance
processes will be responsible for the enforcement of these Public Interest
Commitments in the coming years.”

For a more detailed coverage of the announcement, see the Domain Incite article on the announcement here.

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