Another TLD coup for’s RcodeZero DNS’s RcodeZero DNS service has just started supplying Anycast technology to the Polish domain extension .pl. This means that infrastructure provides supplementary hosting and security to the seventh biggest ccTLD in the EU with over 2.5 million domains. According DNSperf statistics, RcodeZero DNS is one of the fastest anycast providers worldwide.

CEO Richard Wein is delighted with the new RcodeZero DNS
customer NASK, the Polish national research institute responsible for the Top
Level Domain .pl.

“After .nl and .eu, we have succeeded in convincing another
major country code TLD with a couple of million domains to use our services. In
an industry where you know each other very well, this is a big compliment for
me: The relevant players trust the technical competence of This shows
that even a small country can provide services to the big ones so long as you
focus on quality, reliability and flexibility.”

It is the clear goal of to gain more RcodeZero DNS
customers within the TLD community – also on other continents.

The technical implementation for .pl is proof of’s
ability to meet individual customer requirements. The .pl TLD consists of 159
subzones. Therefore – in contrast to other customers with fewer zones – every
process and check has to be performed 159 times before distributing the zone to
the servers all over the globe.

The constant expansion and upgrading of the RcodeZero
infrastructure is also recognised in the worldwide Ranking of DNSperf where the
DNS performance of the top Anycast providers is measured. RcodeZero DNS
actually ranks sixth – not far away from well-known names like Cloudflare and

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