Dial Source rebrands and moves from a .com to a .io

DialSource.com is rebranding to Conquer.io. The move from a .com to a .io will send some screaming from the rafters. In 2019 Agentology.com rebranded to Verse.io.

Conquer published a lengthy blog post on the change. It’s important to note they are not an underfunded or no funded startup that always seem to move to a .com once they get funding. They made mention they closed Series B last year.

Conquer.com registered in 1994 looks to be owned by Aurea Software out of Texas.

Here is a partial excerpt:

Conquer is more than just a new name and logo. This rebrand represents our product’s total transformation and a deeper understanding of what revenue teams need to conquer their day. You’ll see this change reflected in our communications, our engagement and customer enablement, and in the design of our product.

Revenue is not one-dimensional. As you look at our new logo, you will notice the contrasting colors on either side and the 3D qualities of the shape. These represent two sides of the same revenue team and the interdependence of communication and collaboration between sales and service teams as they work to deliver a consistent customer experience. To win, expand, and retain customers.

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