Godaddy increases DDC price 2x

Michael M posted on Namepros that his new renewal for Domain Discount Club at GoDaddy will be $239.99.

His sentiments are shared by many:

Michael M wrote:

My thought is they really don’t care and about domainers anymore. They want that end user big money they charge without DDC – and on the flip side domainers will pay about anything for DDC because they are forced into it to use the monopoly of GD Expired Auctions at a lower price point per domain acquisition.

Sucks cause I have been loyal to them even when there were cheaper options out there, because they have always been solid. They seem solid no more.

There are plenty of other options to acquire domains, and I try to stand on principles even if it inconveniences or costs me. I have a serious decision to make, and very little time to make it.

Actually disappoints me more than anything.

Many like Brad Mugford have weighed in with their thoughts on Namepros. Some asking where was the press release?

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