InterNetX 11 predictions for 2024

InterNetX will be releasing their 2024 Global Domain Report in a few days, the report is filled with a ton of data and insights which the people over there take great care to produce. It will feature insights from various industry participants including myself.

Right now you can register for a preview copy by going here. Once you register you will automatically join their alert list and will be among the first to access the Global Domain Report 2024 once it’s available online.

Simone Catania Global Content & Communications Manager did offer up some predictions for 2024

11 predictions for 2024, offering a beacon for individuals and businesses alike in their quest for a solid digital identity. Here’s a snapshot of what the future holds:

  1. Market Expansion Impact: Expect a surge in domain market growth driven by digitalization, innovative technologies, the upcoming gTLD round, and evolving business models.
  2. Pricing Evolution: Domain prices forecast shifts amid increased competition, the scarcity of compelling domain names, and various economic pressures.
  3. Security Escalation: Enhanced protection measures to mitigate sophisticated digital threats become critical, with multi-factor authentication and stringent transfer rules taking center stage.
  4. AI Integration: The integration of AI in domain services grows, optimizing registration processes, renewals, and cybersecurity defenses.
  5. New gTLD Introduction: The rollout of innovative new gTLDs promises fresh opportunities for branding and digital identity.
  6. Regulatory Influx: Be on the lookout for increased domain industry regulation, reflecting escalating privacy and security needs.
  7. Aftermarket Ascend: The domain aftermarket is poised for growth, fueled by the scarcity of premium domains and specific keyword demand.
  8. Marketing Momentum: Registrars and registries are expected to ramp up branding efforts, distinguishing themselves through aggressive marketing.
  9. Privacy Services Boom: Domain privacy services see heightened demand as online privacy concerns intensify.
  10. Consolidation Curve: The industry’s consolidation trend continues as smaller entities unite, reshaping the competitive domain services landscape.
  11. Green Domains Emergence: An eco-conscious shift leads to the creation of ‘green domains’, underscoring environmental commitments.

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