TechCrunch asks “WTF is .xyz?”

Tech Crunch published an article titled, “WTF is .xyz?” It’s no secret to domain investors in 2021 that Web3 companies have adopted .xyz in greater numbers this year. With Swetha and other leading the way there have been many more .xyz sales in 2021 than in the previous few years.

In the article Daniel Negari talks about the relationship with ENS and how that has helped.

From the article:

How .xyz met web3

Negari is an active crypto investor with “numerous” investments in the space, including Gemini, MoonPay and BlockFi, he said. Because of his interest in crypto, he reached out to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) creator Nick Johnson to pitch him a collaboration.

“That historic collaboration allowed early adopters to use a .xyz domain as their wallet address,” Negari said.

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