listed for sale at NameJet is listed for sale (private seller) at NameJet. @Frans over at Namepros said he spoke to the owner and it has been listed fraudulently.

Frans wrote:

Vegan (dot) com has been added in auction with a very low reserve ($5k – $10k) on NameJet.
Just spoke with the owner via his old WHOIS email (e/r/i/k/@ vegan (dot) com), and he says it is NOT for sale and has been “fraudulently added”. So be careful everybody. I saw the WHOIS was updated just recently, so maybe hacked? @Grilled maybe you can help out. I’ve already sent emails to the NJ support team @NameJetGM, awaiting answers. But do NOT bid in this auction or anywhere else.

The domain name is developed, there is a note, and its social media properties are owned and published by Mocana Productions, Inc., a Florida S-Corp. This company was incorporated 5 months ago.

The purpose of the post is just to make sure you do your due diligence on this premium domain name.

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